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InnoSpring is the first US-China technology startup accelerator for globally-minded companies. We facilitate startups interested in opportunities on both sides of the Pacific.

Our focus has been international from the start. Whether you’re an international founder or a globally-minded company, we can help you get where you want to go. We encourage and provide the support for startups to expand beyond their home countries to exploit huge market opportunities abroad. Founded in 2012, InnoSpring is a joint project between Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark), Northern Light Venture Capital (NLVC), Shui On Group (Shui On) and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). It is located in Santa Clara, California.

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Innospring provides a nurturing startup ecosystem with a wide variety of services and support for startups, including: funding, mentor and advisory services, virtual/physical coworking space, workshops, in-house resources (accounting/bookkeeping, HR, paralegal etc), access to its extensive venture capital and angel investor network, and referrals to professional services for U.S. and Chinese startups interested in cross-border development. InnoSpring is sector agnostic. We are interested in passionate teams challenging the status quo. We encourage all teams to apply.

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InnoSpring’s leadership team brings significant cross-border, operational, and technological experiences to help accelerate startup growth. CEO and Chief Fire Starter Xiao Wang marries deep expertise in the biotech field with a passion for finding and helping young companies. As one of the only female CEOs of a Silicon Valley incubator Xiao gives InnoSpring a fresh perspective, and the charismatic leadership needed to help disrupt the traditional incubator model.

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Total Investment Metrics

InnoSpring has established a solid brand in Silicon Valley in the past two years, and InnoSpring’s companies are currently valued at around $180 million, with 110 million combined users and $11 million in revenue.


InnoSpring’s partners are united by a common vision and deep passion for supporting entrepreneurs and shaping global innovation, particularly between the two powerhouse economies of the United States and China.


The InnoSpring Accelerator Program and all InnoSpring investments are funded through the InnoSpring Seed Fund, established in 2012 with the support from leading investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and KPCB China, Northern Light Venture Capital (NLVC), GSR Ventures, China Broadband Capital (CBC) and TEEC Angel Fund.


Good corporate governance is the basis for our decision-making and control processes and comprises responsible, value-based management and monitoring focused on long-term success, goal-oriented and efficient cooperation between our Managing and Supervisory Boards, respect for the interests of our shareholders and employees, transparency and responsibility in all our entrepreneurial decisions and an appropriate risk management system.